Handel's Messiah


Handel's Messiah

Handel needed a change of fortune in 1740 when his recent opera had flopped, and he turned back to the world of oratorio. Messiah was his sixth of the genre, and caused great controversy by bringing a cathedral choir to join his “club of fiddlers” for the premiere; but with this work he hit gold.

Handel’s epic oratorio depicting the birth, life and death of Christ and the eventual triumph of good over evil has held a special place in the Western choral concert calendar since its first performance in Dublin in 1742, and with good reason. Some of the greatest dramatic scenes ever depicted in music are related by soloists, orchestra and choir, through profoundly beautiful arias and thrilling choruses, none more famous than the Hallelujah!.

Join us to hear this iconic work performed on the instruments Handel intended, by turn touchingly lyrical and dramatically energetic, speaking with the raw emotion of the story. This performance with the Ensemble vocal de Villars-sur-Glane will sweep you through the festive season with a smile on your face and a tune or three on your lips.

Jerome Kuhn
Concert details
Handel Messiah
Jerome Kuhn conductor
Ensemble vocal de Villars-sur-Glâne
Sheva Tehoval soprano
Terry Wey countertenor
Adrian Strooper tenor
Alexandre Beuchat bass
Concert dates
Villars-sur-Glane, Fribourg, Switzerland
Sunday, 09 December 2018 | 5pm
Box office: 41 (0)26 350 11 00