Vision and Mission


Academy of Ancient Music aspires to be at the forefront of the global historically-informed performance movement, recognised universally for the quality of our performances and the impact of our scholarship and educational work.


The Academy of Ancient Music exists to delight and inspire audiences the world over with historically-informed performances of baroque and classical music of the highest quality. We believe that great art is for everyone, regardless of background or means, and we are committed to sharing our work as widely as possible through live performance, recordings and digital media. 

Underpinning this mission are three core beliefs: 

  • Music has a unique ability to unite people through shared experience and common purpose. We believe that our commitment to audiences extends beyond the concert hall, and endeavor to create a sense of community around our work through extra-musical enrichment and engagement, all delivered to the same high standard as our performances. 
  • We believe in the inherent value of historically-informed performance, not because it is ‘authentic’ or ‘correct’, but because of its power to move audiences with performances of striking vitality and immediacy. We value our position as a leader in the field and are committed to furthering the HIP movement through scholarship, discovery, education and training, safeguarding the future of our art for generations to come. 
  • We acknowledge the need to address historical inequities in the arts and are committed to reflecting the diverse communities in which we work, both onstage and in our audiences. We will continue to strive to make our work as accessible and inclusive as possible while not abandoning our belief in the timeless relevance of our repertoire. 
Registered charity number 1085485