Eccles' Semele


Eccles' Semele

Cambridge Handel Opera Company, Cambridge Early Music and Academy of Ancient Music join forces for the first time for a rare concert performance of John Eccles’ Semele.

Semele is a lively retelling of the story of Jupiter’s pursuit of the Theban princess. Juno plots her downfall by persuading her to insist on seeing him in his divine form, whereupon his thunderbolts consume her. Planned for the opening of London’s Italian Opera House, Semele was never performed at the time, and the libretto is best known today from Handel’s later Oratorio.

It is a highly dramatic and effective response to the text in an attractive idiom mixing English and Italian elements and deserves to be better known.

Julian Perkins — Director/Harpsichord
Anna Dennis — Semele
Richard Burkhard — Jupiter
Concert details
Eccles Semele
Julian Perkins Director/ Harpsichord
Anna Dennis Semele
Richard Burkhard Jupiter
Helen Charlston Juno
Aoife Miskelly Ino
William Wallace Athamas
Jonathan Brown Cadmus
Heloise Bernard Iris
Christopher Foster Somnus
Bethany Horak-Hallett Cupid
Jolyon Loy Apollo
Graeme Broadbent Chief Priest
Rory Carver 2nd Priest / 1st Augur
James Rhoads 3rd Priest / 2nd Augur
Concert dates
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 | 8.00pm
Tickets: £10-30
Box office: 01223 357851