Completing the cycle: Mozart’s Piano Concertos

Completing the cycle: Mozart’s Piano Concertos

In August 2021,  Academy of Ancient Music will return to the recording studio to complete the cycle of Mozart’s piano concertos begun in 1993 with scholar-pianist Robert Levin on Decca’s L’Oiseau Lyre imprint.

Over the subsequent 12 months the orchestra will record more than five discs of music, including Mozart’s best-loved numbered concertos as well as lesser-known works and fragments completed by Robert Levin. The albums will be released to coincide with AAM’s 50th anniversary in 2023-24, with an eventual ‘complete set’ issued in partnership with Decca in the years following.

In his lifetime, Mozart was better-known as a pianist than a composer, and was particularly acclaimed for his dazzling virtuosity and improvisational abilities. Robert Levin will recreate this approach, bringing a sense of adventure to each performance and restoring improvisation to its rightful place at the heart of each composition.

“The cycle of Mozart piano concertos is central to my identity as an artist. This was the first cycle to restore the practices of improvisation throughout the concerto, particularly in decoration and cadenzas. The series received highest acclaim in the press and from the listening public. It is a central element both in Christopher Hogwood’s legacy as founder and leader of AAM and within my own career, and completing it represents the successful realisation of a project of outstanding significance.” Robert Levin

“Levin lives Mozart throughout his entire body, and for every second of the score… he plays the music as if he’s writing it himself – for the first time.”  Hilary Finch, The Times

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Works still to be recorded:

  • K107/1 in D harpsichord
  • K107/2 in G harpsichord
  • K107/3 in E flat harpsichord
  • No.5 in D K175 version for organ
  • No.6 in B flat K238 fortepiano
  • No.7 in F K242 version for three harpsichords
  • No.7 in F K242 version for two fortepianos
  • No.8 in C K246 fortepiano
  • No.10 in E flat K365 version for two fortepianos
  • No.21 in C K467 fortepiano
  • No.24 in C minor K491 fortepiano
  • No.25 in C K503 fortepiano
  • No.27 in B flat K595 fortepiano
  • Aria: ‘Ch’io mi scordi di te’ K505 soprano and fortepiano
  • Fragment completed by Robert Levin: Allegro in D K315f fortepiano and violin
  • Organ Sonata in C K336
  • Concerto movement in G major from Nannerl Music Book (reconstructed by Robert Levin) fortepiano

You can listen to the works that have already been recorded via the Spotify playlist below: