Bach's B minor Mass


Bach's B minor Mass

Cambridge Chorale celebrate their 25th anniversary with a performance of Bach’s Mass in B minor at Trinity Chapel, Cambridge.

Listening to Bach’s Mass in B minor, one could have the impression of a culmination of his life’s work – a choral equivalent of The Art of Fugue. Monumental in conception and thrilling in execution, this work was unsurpassed in grandeur and profundity in the mid 1700s, the soundscape combining huge complexity with incredible beauty, enchanting solo writing, glorious celebratory choruses and trumpet-festooned splendour.

Composed – or perhaps assembled – the year before his death, this is an enigmatic work which Bach himself may never have heard in a single sitting. The choruses and solo arias cover the full range of baroque vocal expression and make this one of the most joyful musical experiences in the repertoire.

From the mighty opening ‘Kyrie’ and brilliantly unfurling fugue through to the angelic ‘Sanctus’, this work of many contrasting moods and styles is the ultimate example of Bach’s unrivalled talent and ability to articulate his religious faith through music.

Concert details
B minor Mass Bach
Cambridge Chorale and soloists from Amici Voices
Owain Park conductor
Concert dates
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Saturday, 18 May 2019 | 7.30pm
Tickets: £20, Concessions £15
Box office: 01223 300085