AAM Legacy Circle

“I was so lucky to sing over many years with Christopher Hogwood and his Academy of Ancient Music... I salute Christopher for his care and foresight, and also AAM’s loyal Friends who have been with us throughout: thank you for all you have done up to now, and especially for any future bequests!”

Dame Emma Kirby

If AAM has enriched your life by performing music that you love, please consider remembering AAM in your Will; help us to pass on our extraordinary treasure house of early music to the next generation.

Remembering AAM in your Will

The Academy of Ancient Music is committed to bringing more early music experiences to more people every year, and we are determined to preserve our music and music-making so that it can be enjoyed by generations to come. Our music moves audiences now just as it did when first written, and the commitment and generosity of our supporters ensure it continues to be powerful and immediate for audiences of the future. Gifts that are left to the Academy of Ancient Music in Wills are one of the most important ways you can support our work. Joining our Legacy Circle will bring you into AAM’s unique and convivial supporting community, and you will be invited to an annual lunch as a thank you for your generosity, so that we can keep you updated with AAM’s work. Your gift today is supporting AAM’s artistic activities of tomorrow. There may also be tax benefits* for your estate should you wish to leave a percentage of your estate to charity.


I am honoured to support AAM’s Legacy campaign. [My brother] Christopher was able to make such a difference to the musical world, and so much of the way we perform and listen to music now is his legacy to us. He left his beloved orchestra a generous legacy too, that they may continue to flourish and build on his achievements; and I hope that many of us might consider a similar gift in support of this wonderful group to ensure that this powerful, passionate music lives on, changing lives for future generations too

Frances Hogwood

*as every individual situation is different, we recommend taking professional advice when assessing potential tax benefits.

To find out more, contact Liz Brinsdon, Head of Development liz.brinsdon@aam.co.uk 01223 341090